Thursday, May 17, 2012

Good Music

is what's important. Audio quality has never mattered much to me. I convert my FLAC to mp3. I'm in awe of, which I definitely waited too late to get into. is the best discovery engine music's ever seen. Music is culture's most atomic unit. The songs pass in four minutes & there are enough of them, they promise to keep coming more than you could possibly catch up. Music builds more granular genres, it expands beyond the popular music of radio & Pandora. & provides its APIs right down to the URLs: That's how every website should work: imagine if a book was http://your.local.lib/books/ISBN#. It'd make sense.

Music has stabilized. We can't go beyond the genres we have now, the human mind can only handle so much Skrillex. We could make all the same sounds a decade ago but just didn't have the depraved courage to do it then.

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