Thursday, August 7, 2014

How Not To Do User Testing

  • Perform tests only after a final product has already been rolled out
  • Use your tests to reify assumptions already built into the product
  • Test once and then never again because hey, you’re finished
  • Refuse to accept the validity of any given test until a statistically representative sample of your user populace has been obtained (it’ll never happen)
  • Never change your testing tasks and procedures, even the ones that prove to be deeply flawed, poorly worded, uninformative
  • Ask users for their opinions rather than observing what they actually do. “Do you like this background gradient?” is a particularly apt question.
  • Conversely, test only tasks you think are important without gauging what users think is important
  • Collect personal information and video recordings during tests with no plans for how to secure the data or when to delete it
  • Simply refuse to do user testing

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